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Jaisalmer tour Bikaner Tour jaipur tour Jodhpur tour India is a land of contrasts. Tradition and superstition coexist
with economic and technological progress. A Mercedes zips across while a bullock cart moves somnolently on the same road. This disparity causes no surprise, it is accepted. Indian philosophy and way of life embraces differences and advocates acceptance. India is multilingual and each state has its own local culture and flavour. Interestingly, in Mizoram the official language is English and the lifestyle is quite westernized. The cities in India are cosmopolitan in outlook. There are shopping malls and multiplexes. In fact when you enter a mall you might feel you are in New York or Frankfurt – they are so large and stock world renowned labels and brands. The villages are still mired in their past and inherited legacies.

Even the landscapes are a study in contrast. The highest mountains in the world, the endless desert, enticing beaches – India has them all. Our history is 5000 years old and evidence of our glorious past is reflected in the grand monuments and colourful handicrafts. Religion, languages, cuisine all vary from region to region. As a traveler you will find that every experience enriches you. Whether it is the Hilsa fish (a delicacy) in Calcutta or the Ragi Roti in Dharwar it will be served to you with love and warmth. You can stay at luxury resorts such as the AmarVilas, RajVilas and the UdaiVilas or on beautiful coffee plantations in South India.
Regardless of whether you choose between a luxury travel in India or an adventure travel in India; the common thread that binds India together is the hospitality and genuine caring showered on guests. There is a Sanskrit saying “Athithi devo bhava,” – translated it means that a guest should be treated like God.

Visit India and return Enchanted!


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