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India's Nature & wild life Theme Tour

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Nature & Wildlife Tour India

India’s great geographical diversity make it a virtual haven for adventure lovers. You can find variety of flora and fauna across its plains, deserts, mountains, rivers, valleys, rainforests, mangroves, Himalayan foothills and snow-clad regions of the North. If you are wildlife enthusiast and want to experience the wildlife in their natural habitat then India is a perfect place for you. Here experience the thick, dense jungles, spot a striped predator amidst the tall grass or the wetlands. Nothing is predictable in the jungles where silence reigns supreme. The most exciting view of rain drenched forest can spot the White Tiger of Rewa or the one horned Rhinoceros Seeing herds of wild elephants and deer in their natural habitat,or watching a peacock dance in all its splendor. Some sanctuaries are unique like Bandipur and Madumalai sanctuaries as in the afternoon also only thin flakes of sunlight which penetrates through the foliage.

 What makes the experience even more enthralling is that most Indian sanctuaries can be explored on elephant back as well as by jeeps. A wildlife tour is incomplete if you don't actually live in a forest for a few days and waking up to the twittering of birds, or maybe the roar of a lion! Day trips alone don’t give you the true majesty so experience the night stay in jungle!

If you are interested in our Nature Theme Tour & Wildlife  theme Tour , please click on the Develop Tailor Made Tour and fill our questionnaire. On the other hand , you can also contact us at info@luxuryindiatravels.com and specify your interest in the Nature & Wildlife theme Tour in the message .


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