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Karnataka Tour


Situated in the southern part of India, the state of Karnataka spreads over the Deccan Plateau.
Karnataka popularly known for Carnatic Music through out the World has given much more to the World than Carnatic Music, a unique form of Classical Music patronized by many across the continents.

Karnataka with all its richness in culture and traditional grandeur is also one of the fastest growing states in terms of industries and facilities.
Karnataka was known as Karunadu (elevated land) in ancient times. It is also believed that the name Karnataka has come from "Kari-nadu" meaning the land of black soil say the scholars, & some others hold that Karunadu also means beautiful country; either way the land is celebrated as beautiful throughout its ancient literature.

Its language is Kannada & its people are known as kannadigas. The three distinct regions are a narrow coastal area along Arabian Sea; high hills, the Western Ghats; & sprawling plains towards the east.

The western strip across the Arabian sea is humid & warm in summer, water-soaked in monsoon, profuse with coconut grooves & paddy fields criss-crossed by strips of silvery streams & sparkling stretches of sand.


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A fantastic palacial city, Hindu and Muslim architecture abounds, and the distince flavor of India is everywhere......

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