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Gujarat Tour

Gujarat is a vibrant land with a historical and cultural tradition dating back to the days of the Harrapan civilization. Prosperous and throbbing with life, this state offers colors of a million hues to the visitor.
Since the beginning of civilization, Gujarat has been witness to revolutionary changes that have left their mark on the face of time. This land of Lord Krishna and the great Mahatma Gandhi has been home to a multitude of cultures. Rich in crafts, arts and music, it has a culture that is vibrant and full of life.
Gujarat is also a unique state with diverse habitats. Its varied land forms include the famous dry deciduous forests like the Gir (the only habitat of the Asiatic lion), majestic grass lands like those found at Velavadar and vast landscapes harboring rare animals in habitats like Rann of Kutch. Wetland habitats like Nalsarovar, marine ecosystems, are found near the Pirotan Islands and the rich moist deciduous forests of the Dangs are irresistible.

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