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 Exotic Goa Beach Tour with South India

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Beach Tour India

India the land of beaches are the major tourist attraction in the country. The Indian beaches are known for their beauty, serenity and enticing expanses where shimmering sands fringed by graceful palms, frothy waves hitting the rocks. Complimenting brilliant, clear, blue sky, and dramatic sunsets. Water sports and marine life add to the tourist attractions of the beach tours of India. Goa, the most famous beach state in India with spectacular side seeing the miles of beaches on one side and lush-green hills with forts, temples and churches on other side. Goa truly, an ideal holiday spot, an island of bliss! Another hot spot is The Konkan coast to the North of Kerala and the Malabar coast of Kerala. Sun, sand, sea and surf make the beach tours of India unforgettable. The clean climate and the stunning scenery make the beach tours of India picture perfect. Tourists can enjoy the local sea food all along the coast. Lakshadweep islands being the smallest Union Territory offers white, sandy beaches and a water temperature around 26 degrees. Andaman and Nicobar islands are also the most popular beach

amongst the tours of India. The Beach Tour of India presents a new and distinct feature of India away from its stereotype image in the mind of tourists. Plan out to be a part of the Beach Tours in India to refresh you in the salty waters of the infinite sea.

If you are interested in our Beach theme Tour, please click on the Develop Tailor Made Tour and fill our questionnaire. On the other hand, you can also contact us at  info@luxuryindiatravels.com and specify your interest in the Beach theme Tour in the message.


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