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About us

 Luxury India Travels is a website brand owned by Explore Horizons. At Explore Horizons we do not cater to commercial tourism or mass tourism. We strictly believe in creating the finest programme for your India Travel with rich experiences to provide you a wholesome pot-pouri, a stunning concoction of a country which is mystic & divine, which is real yet romantic.

We promise that each of the programmes churned out for you by our experienced tour Advisors shall be a creation in itself, bringing in the best of India on a platter to your Taste.

We specialize in understanding the expectations from a holiday and present to you the best of India and transpire every tour programme into a dream holiday.

All you need to do is to either select the readymade theme oriented packages or just let us know what your heart desires…..and we shall be more than happy to weave your dream holiday !!



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